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Product range - components and systems

Swedish Powertrain offers a comprehensive and innovative range of systems and components for the Powertrain of heavy commercial vehicles. We supply oEMs and Tier 1‘s in the areas of Engines, Gearboxes, retarders, power Take-offs, Propeller Shafts and Axles.

Machined components  

• Timing gears
• Cam shaft gears
• Drive shafts

• Exhaust manifolds
• Flywheel Housings
• Injection pump tappets

• Shafts (input shaft, drive shafts, output shafts)
• Differentials (casted housings, forged housings)

• Gears (planetary and sun gears, helical gears

• Outer ring gears

• Housings (front, central and rear housings)
• Shafts (main, input, lay and gear shift shafts)

• Gears
• Planetary carriers
Assembled systems  

• Retarders
• Power take-offs (PTOs)

• Propeller shafts
• Hub reductions

Electrifications Solutions