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Tech Center - The start of the value chain

Research, development and design

Every good product is the result of fundamental research. In the Swedish Powertrain TechCenter, our research on future electrical support concepts for engines, gearboxes and axles takes place. A close cooperation with our customers and also with our collaborating universities guarantees the best end-product possible.

Product design and prototyping are the subsequent steps in the development process of a new product. Engineering teams in our locations worldwide use standard tools like 3D CAD design, FEM and FMEA analysis, amongst others, to create reliable products that also follow DFM/DFA principles.

Tech Center shapes the future

  • Research on electrical support concepts
  • Industrialization of innovative transmission solutions
  • Quick time-to-market
  • Close cooperation with OEMs and partners like universities
  • Engineering centers in Sweden and German


Add-on systems:

  • Direct Electrical Drives
  • Mild Hybrid System for Engines
  • Parallel Hybrid Systems

Development and validation

Development tools

  • 3D CAD Design
  • CAM Software
  • Gear design tools
  • Cross functional cost clinics

Testing and Prototyping

In-house capabilities:

  • Test benches
  • Laboratories
  • Prototypes

Our processes

Pre-production processes

Tech Center


Raw materials


Fast time to market


Production processes

Flexible machine cells


Soft and hard CNC machining


Heat treatment


Post-production processes

Measurement & Test




Surface Treatment & Painting